☆ Officially missing u

posted on 19 Mar 2010 13:19 by imcassiopeia-always

"Officially Missing You"


[Verse One]

All I hear is raindrops

Falling on the rooftop

Oh baby tell me whyd you have to go

Cause this pain I feel

It wont go away

And today Im officially missing you

I thought that from this heartache

I could escape

But I fronted long enough to know

There aint no way

And today

Im officially missing you



Oh cant nobody do it like you

Said every little thing you do

Hey baby say it stays on my mind

And I, Im officially


[Verse Two]

All I do is lay around

Two ears full of tears

From looking at your face on the wall

Just a week ago you were my baby

Now I dont even know you at all

I dont know you at all

Well I wish that you would call me right now

So that I could get through to you somehow

But I guess its safe to say baby safe to say

That Im officially missing you





Well I thought I could just get over you baby

But I see thats something I just cant do

From the way you would hold me

To the sweet things you told me

I just cant find a way

To let go of you




It official

You know that Im missing you

Yeah yes

All I hear is raindrops

And Im officially missing you